PM Creative is the wife & husband design duo of Katherine and Tim Tomkinson. Katherine’s background in branding, book design, and print production pairs perfectly with Tim’s history in illustration, advertising, and branding, providing a diverse level of expertise between the two of them. Keeping their team lean, they’re able to run a deeply personalized collaborative effort on every project, without the overhead of a larger design studio.

What does the “PM” stand for? Well, that’s a good question… Pugilistic Marsupial? Proper Manhattan? It’s actually a bit open to interpretation (send us your ideas!). But in reality it started out as a nod to our many night-focused clients (bars and restaurants) and the fact that Kate and Tim used to be the most productive late at night once all of the emails and phone calls stopped. However, having kids has forced their work schedules back to more normal-person hours.

PM Creative is now based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, by way of NYC. While we specialize in branding, print design, and illustration, we also provide a wide range of other design needs. So give us a shout with what you’re looking for and let’s make something cool together!
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